Name: Shimmer In Nh
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Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
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Shimmer has been going by the name Adeline in her foster home for the past few weeks, Addy for short. She may have been sung to just a few times ???? (Sweet Adeline, good times never felt so good - yes, they're aware it's Caroline). Adeline came to New Hampshire with significant previous injuries. To what she owes the injuries, we'll never really know. Adeline had a severely broken elbow, which has resulted in a leg amputation. She had a broken tooth, which has also been removed. She has some scars on her muzzle. All of that is in the past in her mind, she doesn't think about it and it certainly doesn't slow her down. She's ready to find her forever home.
Adeline is great with other dogs, loves to play. She also plays well with toys, she'll pick up on fetch quickly. Addie crates well, she'll go in easily with a kong and some treats.
Addie is vey smart, and picks up on things quickly. She's unfazed and comfortable in a home. Cats may take some work as she is very interested in her foster's bunny.
Adeline will benefit from regular exercise, but loves to snuggle up too. She is a terrific dog.
Shimmer is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $425. Applications and questions about our adoption process are available on our website at 

Questions about this dog should be directed to  Thank you!

A bit more information that you might find helpful:

YES, this dog is here in New Hampshire.  Canine Commitment does not post any dogs as available until they are here, in NH, and available to meet before committing to adopt.

Canine Commitment has two licensed shelter locations (at our private residences) in the state of NH, abiding by all state and federal import and quarantine laws. We are a 501c3 not-for-profit organization run by volunteers who just want to help save some lives.  

A NOTE ABOUT HOUSETRAINING:  We can tell you about our experience with a dog in our homes and in the fosters' homes down south (prior to arrival in NH).  Please keep in mind that we do this with a lot of pups -- dogs go directly outside when they come out of their crates and usually are not given free range in our homes without supervision.  ANY dog may need time, patience, and consistency to learn your home, your routines, and your expectations of them.  Be patient, buy a bottle of carpet cleaner just in case, and give this new relationship some time and TLC.  Most pups have been in at least three locations prior to going to your home.  They may be confused, unsure of themselves, and looking for cues ... and understanding.  They are living, feeling beings who should not be expected to be perfect instantly. (Sometimes, they are.  Bonus!)

A NOTE ABOUT LEASH WALKING:  In our homes, the pups are in fenced areas. In most cases, volunteers have walked the adult, larger dogs at some point and we have some information from them about the dog's behavior on leash.  Most often, we do not.  Our experience with them on leash is limited to transfers to/from the car, into/out of the vet's office, etc.  Some dogs behave just the way they do in group settings when they are on leash.  Other times, they do not. Do not ask too much of a new, adult dog in your home.  Give them time to adjust before introducing them to other dogs.  Introduce them slowly and with forethought (feel free to ask us for some resources -- we are happy to provide those!).

More questions?  Please check out our Adoption FAQ on our website at

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Thank you for looking and considering rescue!!!
Photo of Shimmer In Nh
Photo of Shimmer In Nh
Photo of Shimmer In Nh

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